Steps to Lose Weight

Losing weight can be a difficult challenge if not prepared right.  There is a few topics you need to keep in mind when preparing to lose weight.  The first thing you need to understand is how your body works.  You will need to figure out a choice of diet.  Diet doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds.  We’ll go over more of diet shortly.  Your next plan of action is picking an exercise routine.  Not only will exercise help your body, it will also strengthen your mind as well.  Simple cardio exercise is enough to help you burn fat but adding in weight training wouldn’t hurt if you’re planning on bulking up.  We’ve covered the basic topics to think about including diet and exercise.  In the next paragraphs we will go in detail.


How to Diet

When you think of diet, you probably think of loads of vegetables and fruits mixed with some lean meat.  In truth, dieting isn’t only eating things you dislike, in fact, dieting is mixing the foods you love and adding healthy food as well.  There is countless diet plans online if you’re unsure of what to pick.  I usually go for a diet around low fat and high carb.  I chose high carb because I like to workout 30 minutes after to give me an extra boost when weight lifting.  However, if you’re just looking to lose weight, you can still eat your favorite food but add vegetables.  The key to dieting is to make small changes that you actually follow instead of making ridiculous diet changes that would be to hard to truly follow.


Do you lift?

Next we need to look at exercising.  Exercising doesn’t have to be boring or too hard.  We just need to plan an exercise routine we enjoy doing.  Some people enjoy cardio while others like myself enjoy weight training.  It all depends on what you want to accomplish with your body.  If you’re looking to bulk up, you would need a mix of cardio and heavy weight/ low rep weight training.  If you’re looking to become lean and toned, you need to concentrate on low weight/ high rep weight training and cardio.

The last key to losing weight is staying positive and to not lose hope.  You need to understand this is an ongoing change it will take a while before you notice any huge changes.  We’ll be doing some more articles in the future so stay tuned and keep staying healthy.  If you enjoyed this read, check out